Meyer Theater Season

All year long, downtown's Meyer Theater (only two blocks from the hotel) has something going on for just about everybody. Plays, concerts, comedy, holiday...something for everybody!

March 28 Chris Kroeze
March 29  Bert Kreischer

April 2 The Ultimate Queen Celebration
April 5-27 Vic Tanny-Where Do You Work Out?
April 9 6th Annual Y100 - St. Jude Jam
April 10  Red Green "This Could Be It" Tour
April 15 Allouez Village Band
April 24 Unheard Voices

May 11 Cat & Nat|
May 17-19 Barb's Centre For Dance
May 20 Allouez Village Band
May 22 Wisconsin Singers

June 7-22 Little Chutes & Ladders
June 17 An Evening With Gordon Lightfoot
June 28 RAZOR 94.7/104.7 Presents: Free Beer & Hot Wings

July 19-August 17 The Hodag and Scooby Dude

September 20-October 12 Frank Fontaine's Bandstand USA

November 14-17 Brent the Musical

December 6-28 A Frank's Christmas