Get ready to reserve your rooms-we will be waiting for you to be our guests for the NFL's 2020 season.
We are only ten minutes from Lambeau Field...and you don't even have to worry about driving even that little distance. Green Bay Metro runs free Game Day Routes to and from the games and two of them stop right across the street from the hotel. Just climb on/climb off-no traffic, no parking, no walking!

REMEMBER! Things are subject to change with the ongoing COVID situation! Click on the links to be connected to the websites for the latest information!
Just because you can't be in the stands doesn't mean you can't get a game experience by being in Green Bay! Come and cheer on our hometown team while staying in Titletown. Rates are far lower than normal for a Packers home game-take advantage of the opportunity!

               *Unless the NFL changes its mind about the time.