Da Bears!

September 9th

What a season opener! Classic Rodgers! This was one every Packers fan will remember enjoy for years to come-and Bears fans, too.

Minnesota Vikings

September 16th

That was perhaps a bit TOO exciting. But in the end the important thing is-the Vikings didn't win.
And we're fine with that.

Buffalo Bills

September 30

A Packers-Bills game is a rare thing. And this one was SO fun to watch.

San Francisco 49ers

October 15

A home game has usually been good luck for us, and was once again!

Miami Dolphins

November 11

That was a nice game to close up the gap a bit, wasn't it?

Arizona Cardinals

December 2
We will not speak of this again...

Atlanta Falcons

December 9
Decent score against a team with a lousy record...Well, a "W" is a "W",

Detroit Lions

December 30
Thank goodness it's over...well, on to next year.
Welcome, Coach LaFleur!