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Football in Green Bay

There is no forgetting it-Green Bay and our Packers are inseperable! Whether you are here to watch a game or training camp, to tour Lambeau Field or the Hall of Fame, or to visit the places involved in the history of the team, no one is as close to it all as we are!

Packer's Heritage Trail

The Packers Heritage Trail was designed as a self guided walking tour that weaves two stories. One is about the rich, colorful and improbable history of the Packers. The other is about the people of Green Bay and how their devotion to their team pulled it through years of financial struggle and ensured its survival. The official trail start is just three blocks from the hotel.

The focus of the story as a whole is on the 50 years that covered the reigns of Curly Lambeau and Vince Lombardi – in other words, the period from 1919 through 1968. And it is presented on 22 commemorative plaques, located at sites (three of them next to the hotel) where the blended history of the Packers, and their fans during that period, actually unfolded.

Lambeau Field Tours

Lambeau Field stadium tours allow fans to experience the Packers' history rich facility first hand and see several behind the scenes areas. There are three different tour options available: the Classic Stadium Tour, the Champions Tour, and the Legendary Tour.

Tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis for each day's available tours. Tickets cannot be sold over the phone or in advance. (Stadium Tours do sell out on a regular basis, so please arrive early!) Tickets are available in the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame, located in Lambeau Field Atrium, which is only ten minutes away from the hotel!

No tours are available on home game days (but, then, you will have something more exciting to do, anyway-right?).

Packer Hall of Fame

The new 15,000 square foot, two-level Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame is conveniently located on the main floor of the Lambeau Field Atrium, only ten minutes from the hotel. The new facility uses the latest technology, enhanced interactive displays, and a treasure trove of artifacts to educate and inspire visitors about the history of the Packers, as well as the teams of today.

Guests are able to see Packers legends describe historic games in their own words, and can scroll through touch screens to click on audio segments and game video clips that tell the team's story. The new Hall of Fame also displays trophies from the Packers’ 13 world championships (including four Lombardi trophies) as well as the hall's most popular exhibit: a replica of Vince Lombardi's office.

Packer Game Shuttles

Going to a game? Why drive? Why search for parking? Why walk? Why wait? During the regular season, Green Bay Metro runs FREE special Game Day Routes to Lambeau Field-and TWO of them pick up right across the street from the hotel! When you get to the game, the bus drops you off on Lombardi Avenue, right in front of the Atrium. You really can't get any closer than that.

Packer Pro Shop

Located in the Lambeau Field Atrium, which is just ten minutes from the hotel, the Packers Pro Shop Store is open year-round with special hours for training camp, on gamedays and on holidays.

Curley Lambeau's House

If you are a native of Green Bay, the Birthplace Home of Curly Lambeau is the ideal place to hold your next function or party. If you are not a native of the area, consider spending an evening or an entire Packer weekend at the place where it really all began - the Birthplace Home of Curly Lambeau, just a few minutes from the hotel!

Old City Stadium

Before Lombardi, there was Lambeau. Before Lambeau Field, six of our thirteen NFL Championships/Superbowls were won during the time the Packers played here for 32 seasons (1925-56). Curly Lambeau starred in the first game here, Bart Starr made his pro start in the last. Eleven Packers (and 87 members in all) in the Pro Football Hall of Fame played here in a regular season or preseason game. Originally made almost entirely of wood and expanded several times to reach peak capacity of roughly 25,000, old City Stadium has contracted but still hosts football games as the home field for Green Bay East High School, just a few minute's drive away from the hotel.